Family-style Italian restaurant

Authentic Italian restaurant in the seaside town of Frinton

"Our mission is to share the passion of authentic Italian food, with homemade dishes inspired by traditional recipes"
Zoe Wymark
Pizza Quatro Stagioni at Italian House restaurant in Frinton

Zoe Wymark, the owner of Italian House restaurant in Frinton, grew up in Italy. This is where, to this day, her mother runs a horse riding centre in the breathtaking region of Tuscany.

Whilst living in Italy, Zoe was lucky enough to experience ‘la vendemmia’ for the world-famous wine, Brunello di Montalcino. ‘La venedemmia’ is otherwise known as grape harvesting. As well as this, she was involved in olive picking for various internationally renowned olive oils.  

These examples are just a small insight into the many cultural Italian experiences she was so privileged to be a part of.

Linguine al Pesto at Italian House restaurant in Frinton

Zoe spent her adolescent years working in hospitality, meeting many influential individuals along the way. This later became the inspiration behind opening her own Italian restaurant in Frinton, Essex.

In 2004, after spending much of childhood and early adulthood in Italy, she returned to the UK. However, as is often the case with aspiring restauranteurs, life got in the way. It wasn’t until over fifteen years later that an opportunity finally presented itself. 

In February 2020, Italian House was born. Zoe had, at last, achieved her dreams of owning an Italian restaurant. 

Linguine al Pesto at Italian House restaurant in Frinton
Pizza Italiana at Italian House restaurant in Frinton

Zoe’s favourite dish on the menu is the Tagliatelle Ragu’. This dish originates from Bologna, a neighbouring province to Tuscany. As Bologna is where Italian House’ chef hails from, this specialty is highly recommended when visiting our restaurant in Frinton. 

Although this particular dish originates from Bologna, Zoe is hugely enthusiastic about authentic Tuscan food. Sticking to her roots, Zoe’s all time favourite meal is Tuscan wild boar Ragu. 

A ‘boot of Italy’ special menu is in the pipework. Customers will be introduced to the magic of, rather unusual, but wholly authentic Italian food.

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